Saturday, May 10, 2014

Day 1677 - Cheer Chick Charlie Book 6

Boxes and boxes of books

The books are in! Cheer Chick Charlie - The Strength of a Smile

Cheer Chick Charlie Book 6 is released on Monday, which means today I take delivery of 2000 copies.  (Wow, I've published six of these already?)

You will recall the panic I feel when I say "PRINT" .... well .... there is a bigger panic .... when I open the first box of books to hold the new edition in my hand for the first time.  Is the cover right?  Did I send in the right barcode? Which version of the cover did they end up with?  Are all the title pages correct?  Did I forget to thank anyone? Have I missed any major edits?

Too late! It's all too late.  It is what it is.  2000 copies ready to roll.

We're ready for launch day.

Boxes and boxes of Cheer Chick Charlie books

Outside the printers holding Book 6 for the first time

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