Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day 1688 - Wordless Wednesday

An autumn outing  ...

The National Library - Canberra ACT
 Last week I decided it was time to get Tahlia up and moving outside the house.  As she recovers from her surgery it's easy to become depressed with having to sit/lay in the house all day.  So we headed off to Lake Burley Griffin for a hot chocolate and a water view.  Gorgeous autumn day.


Hot chockie and her phone - that's all she needed

For me it was chai and black forest cake

The view from "The Deck" restaurant 

Went for a short walk along the lake and found BATS

Beware of the attacking swans 

Honestly, could life get any better? 


  1. Sounds a delightful experience. I love Canberra's beautiful spreading trees and although I've missed Autumn, I'm hoping to get down there sometime soon.

    Good luck with Tahlia post surgery):)

  2. I bet you were so glad you got outside, it looks simply stunning xx

  3. Just like my mum says fresh air can sometimes do you the world of good! Those bats are pretty cool :)

  4. Beautiful photos of Canberra. Great autumn day too.

  5. What a glorious day.

    All my love to Tahlia as she recovers.

    SSG xxx

  6. Wow that looks like the perfect place for a break away from the house! Beautiful :)

  7. Just gorgeous. I miss all the Autumn leaves, where we live now just doesn't put on a show like our last town.

  8. Great to get out and about and especially if there are treats!!

  9. Those autumn trees look gorgeous. But bats? arrggghhhhhhh

  10. Stunning pics - mmm .
    Hope Tahlia is feeling better.

  11. I hope your daughter is feeling better. I think autumn is Canberra's best season.


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