Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day 1689 - Forgetory

"I don't have a memory, I have a forgetory"

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"I don't have a memory, I have a forgetory".  My grandmother used to say that to me all the time.  It made me laugh, because she was old and it made sense that old people would forget stuff.  But now I'm saying it to myself ... In a big way.

Many years ago a neighbour of ours arrived home with two out of his three kids in the car. The wife walked out the front door and said "where's Shane?"  at which Dad did much swearing, realising he'd left his son at the basketball stadium from where they had all just come.  He remembered he had the girls with him ... he'd just forgotten about his son.  I thought to myself "who does that?"

Um .... I do.

Yesterday on Deep Fried Facebook I said that I am challenged in the baking department because I forget that I am baking.  I get reminded when the fragrance of warm cookies hits my nostrils and I think to myself "what is that smell?"  Holy crap - I'm baking!! And I rush to the oven to inspect the damage.

Yesterday after I wrote that post I headed to cheerleading to train the Teeny Tiny's.  After a lovely session I chatted to a few of the parents, saw that the kids all seemed to have an adult with them and left the rest of the "clean up" in the capable hands of the team manager.  Then I raced home to put dinner on to feed the family (including niece and nephew) before heading back to cheer training again to help out with the Mini Stars session.

As I stood at the stove stirring the spag bol I reflected on the session thinking how lovely each of the kids had been. Sure they are hard work.  Sure they have the attention span of gnats. Sure their routine looks like a dogs breakfast.  But they are too cute for any of that to matter. I was marveling on how clever one of the kids was in being at the front. She was very capable and we definitely chose the right person to lead the group. Then I reflected on the cheerleader who we chose as the "anchor" to keep her one spot on the dance floor so that the others could get their bearings around her throughout the routine.  We chose a great anchor.

Holy shit! The anchor!!!

I was supposed to take her home from cheerleading!

My stomach dropped to my boots. My heart was not far behind it.  The words Holy Shit repeated over and over and over (very loudly) as the kids ... all four of them ... just looked up blankly from their X Box game without an ounce of surprise, then turned their heads and kept playing.

I had left a child at the school.

Someone else's child.

After school hours.

I bolted to the phone and rang their mother ... "please tell me you have your daughter?"

"Yes" came her very guarded reply.

"Oh my God ... Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God ... I am so sorry ... Is she OK"

"Yes, the team manager called me wondering why I hadn't arrived yet."

Thank you, thank you, thank you team manager.

I continued with my apologies and then rang the team manager where I exploded into another round of OMG's, sorry and holy shits.

As I finished the dinner and headed back to the school to work with the Minis, I wondered, how dangerous am I right now?  Who forgets their child? Who forgets someone else's child??

Do I really have that much on my mind that I can't take care of a little one?

Please tell me, am I alone?

Have you ever forgotten a child? 

Anyone else out there with a forgetory instead of a memory? 


  1. I have a forgetory. I have to put reminders in my phone--multiple times. I use sticky notes everywhere--I put them on my purse, my car, myself! And I'm sure that I have forgotten a child somewhere---I just can't remember..............

  2. Oh God!!! I can imagine how stressed you would have been when you realised. Thank God for the team manager! I am always forgetting things. I don't know whether it is ongoing baby brain or the early onset of alzheimers. God help me.

  3. This is my big panic - I don't think I'd do it with someone else's child, but I could very easily with my one - and it plays in my nightmares from time to time. When my youngest was little, I'd scream at the oldest 'is she in the car?!' as we drove off, thinking in a panic I'd left her on the side of the road in the capsule, forgetting to put her in the car while I clicked everyone else in...Never did tho! Thankfully!

  4. Oh, you poor thing. The poor girl. The poor mum. The poor trainer. Yucky all around. But I'm sure it happens to us all. Even those of us who think we'll never do it. ESPECIALLY those of us who think we'll never do it. There's a happy ending, and I'm sure it'll never happen again. That's the focus. x

  5. This sounds like something I could be capable of. My mind is a constant fog. Thank goodness for a happy ending :)

  6. Poor you, that sounds so scary! I forget stuff ALL the time. And I do hear stories of people leaving their kids behind somewhere quite often (if that's any comfort).

  7. Oh my god, I think its actually worse to forget someone elses child than your own. At least then you can be mortified with only your own child to apologise to without facing someone else. I've forgotten kids before too, don't worry. We've left them at preschool due to forgetting who was supposed to get them!

  8. I have a theory that babies eat braincells. Therefore, having had five of them, I'm am desperately braincell-deficient. I've not yet managed to forget anyone else's child (notice I say YET) but I once drove almost the entire way to Westmead for an appt with Miss 7 before realising that I hadn't dropped Miss 1 off at daycare and she was still happily chattering away in her carseat. Miss 7 had just assumed I'd decided to take her with us...

  9. Oh lovely what a bloody nightmare, I really really feel for you. I don't remember a pickle unless I write notes and notes and notes and put them everywhere, even things I shouldn't need reminding about. You are not alone xx

  10. I forgot to pick up one of mine once but he was a teenager and probably deserved to wait around for me to remember anyway. We're not perfect!

  11. I can only image how you felt! I definitely have a forgetory but haven't forgotten a child. I have been overly aware of it since my first child was born due to a story my Aunt always tells about forgetting her newborn.

  12. My heart dropped with you when I read this. I hope I never experience it because I would feel so guilty! You poor thing. So glad it all worked out in the end. X

  13. Oh, Leanne! You poor thing! Does it help to know that it's not uncommon? I haven't done it…(yet) but my parents forgot me at the local swimming pool once. And my husband was also forgotten when he was a kid. It happens :)


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