Friday, May 23, 2014

Day 1690 - Stop and take stock

Sometimes you've just got to stop and reflect on the wins of the week ...
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Friday is the perfect day for reflection.  This week I continued to care for my daughter; dealt with my son's broken arm; went "job" hunting; spoke at an event; had a video conference with my US manager; addressed three cheerleading sessions; lost a child; set the world on fire; made a gazillion phone calls; ordered stock; had new graphic design done; planned three months worth of fan club emails; and had the pleasure of my niece and nephew visit.  This morning I will map out a possible TV show and then I will stop and reflect on the wins of the week.  I have two cuppa dates today and I WILL RELAX knowing that this week there is much to celebrate.  So many to-dos have turned into ta-dahs.  That's a great feeling for a Friday.  What will you be celebrating?

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