Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day 1692 - Wind Turbines

Love them or hate them?

Wind farms on the Great Dividing Range between Gunning and Crookwell - Gurrundah area.
Personally, I love them ... so much so that I went on a drive in search of them today.  I could see this new set of turbines from a distance as I drove to the farm yesterday. From a distance they appeared to be almost in Mum and Dad's backyard ... but they weren't.  It was another 10-15km drive before we came across a reasonable view of them .. and even then we were a few kilometres away, trapped behind a locked gate. But I was still able to marvel in their majestic splendour.  Yeah ... I'm a windmill lover. Any other windmill lovers out there?


  1. They look stunning in the countryside! If they are really a safe, alternative energy source, then I'm all for them.:)

  2. Interesting that you had to drive another 10 to 15 km once you saw them to get close enough to have a reasonable view. That is an indication of the enormous size of these machines.

    While it's great to be mesmerized by them when you don't have to live anywhere near them, imagine having to live in the shadows of these spinning blades on a daily basis.

    They have turned beautiful natural landscapes into industrial wastelands. I encourage you to do some research on the environmental and ecological impacts of these behemoths. You may change your mind as to their beauty.


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