Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 1693 - Cheer Chick Charlie in Book Stores

Conquering the world one book shop at a time ....

Pages of Life bookshop in Cooma, NSW - now stocks the Cheer Chick Charlie series

Over the years I've never really pushed to get the Charlie series into book stores.  Mainly because it was one of those fascinating circles where to get in stores nationally you need a distributor; and to get a distributor they want you to be popular; and to become popular you need to get noticed; and to get noticed you need to be in bookstores; and to be in book stores you need a distributor ....  So I kind of hit a wall and stopped, then changed my focus to adopt different strategies of forward movement.

Then last week I got back to basics and decided that perhaps it doesn't need to be all about that giant leap to world domination ... perhaps I can also conquer the world one baby step at a time.  So now whenever I am on the road I research book stores and make contact to see if they might be interested in stocking the books. And low and behold many of them are!  Last week it was restocking Canberra and Goulburn ... today it was Cooma ... next stop the coast ... and then, the world!  It's not always about achieving instant results ... sometimes it's just about taking things one step a time.

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