Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Day 1695 - Cooma

Today's Wordless Wednesday shots come from the snowy town of Cooma.

It was a beautiful autumn day on Monday as I delivered a load of books to the "Pages of Life" bookstore and then took my Nanna to lunch.  Cooma is a lovely spot.  Their park is particularly beautiful.


  1. There's something lovely and friendly about rural towns isn't there? Then again, I grew up in the country so perhaps I just have a fondness for them?

  2. Lovely photos. Looks like a place well worth a visit.

  3. Aww bless you still have a nanna, how special. Lovely x

  4. What I see is a wonderful day, somewhere beautiful, with someone you love xx :)

  5. Lovely photos Leanne. And how exciting that you're delivering your books!


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