Thursday, May 29, 2014

Day 1696 - What happened that year?

So here I am at Day 1696.

What does one write about on day 1696?  After one thousand, six hundred and ninety six days of blogging EVERY.SINGLE. DAY it becomes obvious that there is a point where I'm going to run out of things to say.  Hell ... I've reached that point hundreds of times already which is why you get a lot of gumpf in your feed.  But today ... today I have something to write about ... today I will actually write about 1696.  

What happened in 1696?

Well, not a lot as it turns out.  I mean, I am sure it was a great year for those who were living it. There would have been birthdays and weddings and parties and sunshine and possibly even a bit of "getting jiggy with it", but as a year, I can't really see anything of major significance.

After reading about the year 1696 I am almost asleep at my desk. I can't even be bothered to relay any of the facts for you because it's just that boring!

So here I am with another blog post of gumpf.

I could write about that plane up there ... but I'm not much into planes.


Sorry bout that ...

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