Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 1697 - Inspiration

"I get knocked down ... but I get up again ... you're never gonna keep me down ..." 

Remember the lyrics to "Tub Thumping" by Chumbawamba?   It's the song that went through my head as I watched this video this morning. This video gave me tingles.  Such a great bit of Friday inspiration.  It proves my theory that it's not the falling down that's the issue ... we all fall at some point .. it's how long we stay down that makes the difference.

Never give up! 


  1. OMG. Tears! Holy crap! That is amazing. I'll be thinking of this video all day today! Thanks for sharing! x

  2. That's quite amazing - she ran better after the fall (maybe some of us need the stumble to get inspired?)

  3. Loved this clip and I had tears in my eyes afterwards! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  4. Oh my goodness, how incredible is that?!!

  5. Goodness that last lap was very emotional and I have goosebumps and a wee tear, the guts and determination! I will need this when I start my first ever detox and try to regain my health back, sounds dramatic but if I continue on this track I won't live to 70! Time to treat my body like a temple. x


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