Monday, June 2, 2014

Day 1700 - Win, Win, Win - Another give-away

Cheer Chick Charlie books to be won!

Cheer Chick Charlie Books

In celebration of blogging for 1700 days straight, I thought it might be time for another give-away.  This time we have THREE Cheer Chick Charlie packs to give away. That's four books (of your choice) with their corresponding postcards and wristbands.  All you've got to do to enter is give us a cheer! Whether it be a simple "cheers" a "woot" a "yahoo" or a "woo hooo".   Whatever takes your fancy! Just be loud ... proud ... and cheerful.  You can enter via blog comment, Deep Fried Facebook, Deep Fried Twitter #DFFCharlie, email or text.  Super duper easy.  This competition is open to EVERYONE! That's right .... even if you're not in Australia.  Entries close Midnight Sunday 8 June with the winner announced on Tuesday 10 June.

Happy cheering! 


  1. CHEERS!!!

    You must be thrilled because the books are just wonderful.

  2. woot woot ....congratulations...

  3. What a massive achievement. Wow. Congratulations. How do you stay inspired?

  4. Give me an L ... L
    Give me an E ... E
    Give me an A ... A
    Give me an N ... N
    Give me an N ... N
    Give me an E ... E

    What's that spell???


    Congratulations on 1700 posts!! I have barely made it past 10 I think. I fumble and stumble and start again. You have inspired me as my own 40th approaches to reconsider doing this properly.



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