Thursday, June 5, 2014

Day 1703 - The shopping trolley

What does your shopping trolley say about you?

There are times when I shop and all I have in my trolley are fresh fruit, veges, milk, bread and meat. Nothing from the middle aisles ... nothing packaged or processed ... just the goods you normally find around the edges of the supermarket that you have to pick up regularly before they turn to compost. Then there are times when I might do a shop that is nothing but packaged crap.  Like cookies, chips, muesli bars, jars of pasta and stir-fry sauces. It's usually because I've headed to a different supermarket to take advantage of their specials so I stock up on a few months worth of non-perishable items. On these days I hope that nobody judges me by my trolley.

The supermarket trolley can give a bit of an insight into who you are as a person and how you raise your family.  Sure there are times when the trolley is occasion based - you might be shopping for a birthday party where it's full of cake mix. lollies, chips, party hats and soft drink.  And there are times it might be diet based when you've decided to eat nothing but lemons, cabbage and green tea.  But usually it's a great snapshot of your eating, cleaning and snack time habits.

Last night I had to duck up to the "little shops" to grab milk and bread for breakfast this morning.  As I was at the "little shops" I saw a bunch of other disorganised souls who were grabbing their quick fix items.  I tuned into their purchases and even watched them walk to their cars.

It was a great little snapshot into the lives of these people I had never met.

First there was the lady in her nurses uniform who was buying a single steak, one apple, one carrot, a potato and a small block of Cadbury chocolate. She walked out and got into a small dark green hatch-back and drove away.

Then the tired looking hairy guy in his tired looking high vis gear buying a 6 pack of Four n Twenty pies and a 6 pack of beer.  He drove off in his tired looking work ute.

Next in line was the muscle dude in his muscle track pants buying a loaf of high iron muscle bread and three bunches of muscle bananas.  He jogged to his muscle car and revved his car muscles before blasting off down the street.

Then came an old man with a walking stick and his four pack of toilet paper, a packet of prunes and some Monte Carlo biscuits.  He didn't seem to have a car but rather walked across the street and disappeared from view.

Next was the exhausted mum in her  slippers and stained sweater buying a pack of dummies, formula, nappies, teething gel and a bottle of medicinal red wine.  She stumbled her way to a station wagon complete with baby capsule and toddler seat.

And then me with my wholemeal bread and full cream milk, watching and surmising.

I really have no idea who these people were nor what their circumstances are.  But in one five minute adventure to the "little shops" I felt I had just "met" a nurse who lived alone, a builder who was batchin' it, a single gym junkie, a constipated grandpa and a mum of two tiny kids who was run ragged.

What does your shopping trolley say about you?

Do you ever contemplate the lives of others as you stand in line at the grocery store? 

And the really important question:
Do prunes really work and will four rolls of toilet paper be enough? 


  1. After reading this, I hope no one looks in my shopping trolley! It really does tell a story doesn't it? Great post x

  2. I do make those comments when people are having a party and the stuff is going through the check out...I wonder why I say it? It's pretty obvious...

  3. I do make those comments when people are having a party and the stuff is going through the check out...I wonder why I say it? It's pretty obvious...

  4. I giggled at the old man's purchases! I do home his prunes and Monte Carlos do the trick :)
    I love people watching. I guess that's why I'm addicting to blogging and facebook. Great post!

  5. LOL!
    I like playing that game too.
    I no longer do the supermarket shopping. I stopped after I went one day and couldn't push my own trolley as it was piled so high! (My feet were slipping off the floor and that was carrying an extra 10 kilos pregnant!)
    I shop online now and have the good peeps of Woolworths roll the lot into my kitchen for me. I always spend so much that I don't pay delivery either. Not sure if that's a win win but it feels it amyway!

  6. Oh I love this! I do this all the time and I make those comments to the people clearly having a party too, Lydia. Yesterday a lady behind me in the queue looked at my overflowing trolley and asked how long all of that will last me. One week I told her. I felt so judged! ;)

  7. LOL! Nice work and great insight! I love people watching but must admit have never fully checked out shopping trolleys.

  8. I totally have this thought every time I go shopping. I wonder what people think? We buy our groceries and meat from different shops, so I wonder if the checkout chick thinks I'm a vegetarian (albeit vegie-free) carb loader? Lol.


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