Monday, June 9, 2014

Day 1707 - Winter Beach

You've got to be tough to face the wintery waters of the South Coast

Guerilla Bay, NSW South Coast

I have come to the conclusion that the older I get, the colder I get (in more ways than one).  I sat on the beach in my yoga pants and a cardigan as Darby and his cousins surfed in the wintery waters of the Bateman's Bay region.  There is absolutely no way you'd catch me in the water in temps below 30  35 40 degrees.

Broulee, Guerilla Bay and McKenzie's Beach were all on the list of must-dos this June long weekend.  My spot on the sand, in my beach chair, sheltered from the wind (no chance of getting wet), soaking up the winter sun, was perfect.

The views. Oh the views!

Couldn't ask for a more peaceful and relaxing June long weekend. Tahlia of course would have preferred to be in the ocean with the rest of the kids ... instead she mirrored my pose on the sand away from the waves ... she will be back there again ... in time.

June at the South Coast - Guerilla Bay, McKenzie's Beach and Broulee South.  Brrrrr ....
No pics of Tahia and I rugged up on the sand this time.  Just of those who were brave enough to bare their bits.

PS My previous edit of this post referred to Gorilla Bay.  No apes on the NSW South Coast, although I may be mistaken for one given I haven't shaved since April ... 

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