Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 1711 - A surf board fit for a President

What give would you give to the President of the USA?

Apparently our PM is giving President Obama a custom made surfboard during his current visit to the USA. But not just any surfboard ... it's a custom made surfboard from a Sydney designer with the Airforce One "logo" (or look about it) and the President's seal on it.  Isn't that the coolest give ever! I seriously think that is a brilliant idea.  Look, I don't necessarily love our new PM nor many of his policies, but come on ... that's a bloody great Aussie gift to give an el presidente. I actually can't think of a better one. Other than a full set of Cheer Chick Charlie books of course.

Tell me, what would you give the President of the USA as a gift? 


  1. Fixed now - no idea what when on...I've no idea what to give the POTUS but if he surfs, it's as good as any...

  2. I did think it was a leetle bit cheeky when some of the world's best surfers are American. It's not like we own surfing. But I guess it could have been worse :)

  3. I've got no idea what I'd give to the President. I like Em's suggestion.


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