Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 1713 - New York, New York

Vegas or New York?  Why not do both!

You'll recall that the last time we stayed in Vegas we were at The Wynne.  This trip we have decided to stay at New York, New York. I love it! Sure, the pool isn't quite so resort like, and the food isn't fine dining, but hey, it's fun.  Dueling pianos, NY style pizza, burgers, Hershey's, crepes, NY streets, sports bars, a roller coaster ... it's just plain fun! I would tell you more about it, but my computer keeps crashing every time I touch the keyboard ... so it'll be Pic Monkey collages instead. Enjoy!

The pool and roller coaster
New York streets inside New York, New York
Just a few of the eateries

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  1. Sounds wonderful! My friend's going to Vegas later this year to renew her wedding vows with the help of Elvis, of course!


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