Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Day 1716 - Be Awesome

Wake up. Be awesome. Go back to sleep.

Yesterday as Derek and I walked back to our hotel from the Licensing Expo we came across a man who was walking the street handing out his CDs. At first we said 'no' thinking he was handing out cards to visit hookers or sex clubs (you get a lot of that on the Las Vegas strip) but then he said 'please listen to my music' so I turned and went back to him. He immediately recognised we were from Australia and said 'You're Aussie - Tripple J'. Yes, we said. We chatted for a minute, took his CD and gave him a $5 tip promising we'd listen to his music. As we walked away we talked about how courageous he was that he was prepared to put himself out there to achieve his dreams.

Now, don't let that picture up there fool you. The guy we met was not Afrojack. But the guy reminded me of an article I had read in a Las Vegas Magazine about DJ Afrojack . Afrojack had posted a picture on his website with the caption 'Wake up. Be awesome. Go back to sleep.' In the magazine he was quoted as saying 'if I achieve one thing in my day that I set out to do, then that's awesome. Whether it be dropping a beat, seeing family, meeting fans, it's all part of it ... Work hard and anyone can be awesome.'

This guy who handed us his CD was working hard. He woke up, set goals for his day, took action, ignored fear, and (presumably) last night he went back to sleep. He was being awesome.

Wake up. Be awesome. Go back to sleep.

Words to live by.

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