Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 1718 - The Licensing Expo

The Licensing Expo in pictures

Walking into the Licensing Expo nice and early on day one
What does the Licensing Expo look like?  Well here is a pictorial summary of Licensing University, the opening night party and the exhibition floor.

We arrived at the Expo on the Monday for our Licensing University sessions which was a very valuable tool for us "we haven't got a clue about any of this stuff" type people. I took a note book full of notes, met people around the edges and got a very big insight into licensing in general, and USA in particular.  At around $150 USD it was well worth the expense.

Attending Licensing University

One of the highlights for me was listening to Nicole Richie speak about her House of Harlow 1960 clothing brand and what she's discovered from a business and licensing perspective as she continues on her very successful journey.

Nicole Richie being interviewed at the Licensing Expo 2014
The opening night party was held on the Tuesday night (day one for all the exhibitors) which was a great opportunity to meet people, share stories and get advice.  Each year the Expo showcases a well known US entertainer. This year it was country music singer Kellie Pickler. The event was sponsored by the NFL which added another element of fun to the night.  I bought home a bunch of NFL player cards for Darby.  He'll have no idea who they are ... but hey ... at least I was thinking of him.

2014 Licensing Expo opening night party

After three days of brain drain from attending LU we finally headed to the exhibition floor to check out the brands. The booths cover all sorts of categories, the biggest being characters and entertainment (which is where I just happen to fit).  There are booths for Licensors (people like me who have a brand "for rent") and then there are booths for Licensees (companies looking for access to new products to add to their portfolio) all blended in together under one roof.  We spent some quality time really scoping the place and getting ideas to further our brand, collecting contacts and getting a clearer understanding for how the system works.

2014 Licensing Expo - out on the display floor

Of course, what expo would be complete without costumed characters?  Here are just a few that happened to be there as we wandered through.

2014 Licensing Expo - Costumed Characters

So there you have it - a snapshot of the Expo. That's why we are in Vegas this week.

Right now I've got to dash. It's the last day of the Expo and we've still got classes to attend, contacts to make and information to collect.  Plus I have to return a phone call to a major US retailer who has expressed an interest in hearing our story. Eeeee!!  Wish us luck!

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  1. Best of luck!!

    Really interesting insights into licencin, Leanne.

    Thanks for sharing.
    SSG xx


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