Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day 1719 - Oldies Hour

Mixing it with the oldies

The rib eye steak special at America Restaurant, New York New York
(with a Fruity Booty cocktail)
Earlier this week Derek and I were really excited to find a fantastic steak deal ... with veges ... right here in our hotel.  For only $14.95 we got to eat a very satisfying dinner without having to walk the strip or tackle the crowds after a long day of brain drain at the Expo. Because it's so cheap we've eaten there on more than one occasion. Today we discovered why. It turns out he offer was only available for the "early birds". You know, the people who eat dinner at oldies o'clock.  It is targeted pensioners.  Shit. Really? I'm in the grey set already? Bugger.  I can't have that. It's a little too Deep Fried. It's not good for my Fit and Fabulous in my Forties image. So tonight we've decided to be adventurous. Instead of eating at 5.30pm we're pushing the limits.  We're not going to eat until 7.30! Yeah baby.  We be rebels. 

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