Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 1720 - Last day in Vegas

How to fill in time on your last day in Vegas

Derek drinking BYO bourbon and coke in the pool at New York, New York
It's time to leave Vegas.  Our flight isn't until almost 9pm and given we checked out in the middle of the day we had to find things to do. For many people they would spend their last dollars on the slots, but for Derek and I we chose to do it a little differently.

Here's a guide on how to maximise your last day in Vegas
  1. Organise a 1.00pm check out and sleep in
  2. Spend the morning at the pool
  3. Head back to room at midday, shower, check out of room and store bags with the bell hop (note after shower put swimmers back on and throw other clothes over the top)
  4. Catch a cab to the Fashion Mall
  5. Eat some junk food for lunch
  6. Find some last minute shopping deals
  7. Buy some alcohol
  8. Head back to the hotel 
  9. Go to the ice machine and get a plastic bag full of ice to stash your drinks
  10. Find the sneaky back way to the pool where you can avoid the security guard checking your hotel keys (remember - you've already checked out)
  11. Get yourself a cup of iced water from the bar area then keep your glass to fill it up with your BYO drinks (by the way, you are actually allowed to BYO at New York New York )
  12. Lay about in the sun drinking alcohol listening to the DJ
  13. Swim
  14. Lay about some more to dry off (you don't want wet swimmers in your suitcase)
  15. Go and eat the early bird dinner at the pensioner rates (hey ... you did the "I'm out late gonna eat an expensive meal" last night, so now it's time to swallow your pride given you've spent all your money on last minute shopping)
  16. Head to the bell hop and grab your bags
  17. Get changed out of swimwear and into flying clothes in the casino toilets
  18. Catch a cab to the airport
  19. Put some change into the slot machines at the airport (just so you can say you did it)
  20. Blog while you wait for your flight to board
Easy peasy! 

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