Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Day 1722 - Dr Doolittle

Derek Doolittle and Mr Bee

Do you have a Dr Doolittle in your family? Derek is by far the most Doolittle of all of us. He'll stop to save turtles and birds on the side of the ride, he'll gently remove spiders from the house without killing them, he'll kiss fish before he sends them back into the ocean, he'll remove a crab from harms way.  We have bucket loads of stories of his animal rescues.

On our last day in Vegas Derek and I were hanging out by the pool to fill in time.  He had bought himself a couple of beers and I had a margarita.  It was around 40 degrees so we were actually sitting in the water sipping our drinks with around 200 other New York, New Yorkers.

As we sat there chatting, Derek spotted a bee in the water fighting to survive.  It's legs were flailing.  So Derek grabbed his beer bottle, waded through the water and coaxed the bee into climbing aboard the beer vessel.  He brought the bee across to where we were sitting and gently placed him on the concrete.

We watched in awe as the bee went about cleaning himself.  He was heavy with water and was stumbling and falling.  But after a while he got his legs working well enough to clean himself like a cat. His front legs cleaned his antennas (much like a cat cleaning its ears). Then once that was done his back legs came around and started stroking the water off his other legs.  It was all very interesting. And kind of cute.  David Attenborough eat your heart out. We had our very own live animal documentary right there in front of us. Poolside.

Derek finished his beer and put his bottle next to the bee to shade him from the harsh Nevada sun.  The bee looked pleased.  He gave his wings a shake and got ready for lift off.

Then the beer bottle fell over and squashed him.

And that's the end of the story.

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You win some, you lose some.

Poor Mr Bee.

Derek Doolittle was devastated.  He buried him in the pool side gardens.

I thought it was the greatest comedy show I'd seen for days.  I may have laughed.  Sorry Mr Bee, no disrespect, but seriously it was FUNNY! 

Do you have a Dr Doolittle in your family? 

Ps I am sure there is a metaphor for life in this story, but I am too jet lagged to work out what it is.  


  1. Oh I'm sorry Derek but I cracked up laughing at that!
    What a sad, and yet hilarious tale.
    RIP mr Bee. At least you died clean and dry. xx

  2. I thought this was such a sweet story, then laughed out loud at the end - ha ha, love this

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  3. Oh no!!! Poor little bee. Poor Derek. What a tragedy. My husband is a Dr Doolittle big time. I remember he saved a spider in our house once and the next thing you know it's produced a million baby spiders!


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