Monday, June 30, 2014

Day 1727 - Kiwi Fruit

Another nutritional powerhouse - the humble Kiwi.

This fuzz covered ball of green could be your new best friend.  It's lovely green flesh and those little black seeds are filled with vitamin C and they're also a great source of fibre which is really good for the immune system and promoting digestive health.  It's also full of antioxidants (phenolics and carotenoids), it's low GI, low carb and it only has 165 kilojoules.  Apparently this little gem has more fibre than a bowl of bran! So get your green going by blending it with bananas and almond milk for a smoothie, or tossing in into your next fruit salad, or perhaps even just cutting it in half and eating it on its own with a spoon.  Oh, and I can tell you it's also fantastic with strawberries on ice-cream.  They complement each other beautifully.   For us Aussies the best time to buy them is between March and June. Eeek! Run .... run like the wind .... and get your stash before they disappear from view ....

Information source: Prevention Magazine Australia April 2014

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