Friday, July 4, 2014

Day 1731 - Getting fit

You can do a lot in the ads

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When Tahlia was little she would do her flex stretching in the ad breaks of her favourite Disney show every morning before school.  She was on a mission to become super duper flexible and she was also hoping to sneak some TV viewing in in the process.  She achieved her goals.

Fast forward quite a few years and I have taken a leaf out of her book.  I really don't love exercise.  I mean, I love going for walks but I dislike sweaty "no pain no gain" style fitness.  And those walks I love, are just not high on my list of "to dos".

I've employed a few tactics to combat my lack of motion like having walking meetings instead of desk bound ones, hitting the treadmill for two lots of ten minutes a day, parking at the back of a car park so I have further to walk at the shops.

The latest tactic has been to give myself "permission" to watch TV every afternoon from 5.30-6.30 where I work out in the ad breaks.  Now, I thought I'd test this out for a few weeks before I wrote about it ... just to be sure it wasn't a one week deal.  Guess what's working!

For the week leading up to our Vegas trip, and the almost two weeks we've been home, I've been doing 60 sit-ups (in three lots of twenty), arm curls, dips, lunges, squats and a whole host of other weights style toning exercises during the advertisements of my favourite TV show.  I've even been doing stair sprints (10 ups and 10 downs) when my knees will allow it. It's working really well.

You see, watching Beverly Hills 90210 in the bedroom all alone would normally make me feel guilty.  There's too much to do in the house and at my desk to give myself an hour of 90's drama.  Plus there's that whole having to make dinner caper.  But it's working.  I even get dinner sorted in the ads as well. I cut, wash and prepare at 5.00pm and then in the latter half of the show my ads are used to get the cooking started.  Just goes to show how many ads there are!

We're past high school now. We're at university.
 Bring back relaxed fit 501 jeans! 
Of course this could be done during the actual show.  It doesn't have to be in the ad breaks. But hey ... it's kinda nice to lay on the bed and actually get lost in the world of Donna, Kelly, Dylan and Brandon.

What do you do in the ads?

Have you got any tips and tricks for exercise in the home?

Any other 90210 tragics out there? 

Will my stomach ever be as toned as Donna's?


  1. Most of the time I fold the washing while I watch TV. During the ads I rush all around the house and put it away! Even still, I always have a big pile of clothes to put away by the end of the show, which is a real bummer if the show has finished late. It's often the reason I get to bed so late because I just can't leave the piles out anymore because the triplets will throw all my hard work on the floor as soon as they arise, so that's been motivation to deal with it in the evening.

  2. I use the ads too , and I used to run or walk on the treadmill watching a DVD.

    Great job making it work for you Leanne.

    Ps I have been thinking of you and your daughter.

  3. I definitely do housework in the ads. Never thought of doing exercise before! I should give it a go:)

  4. I hit the exercise bike whilst watching Grey's on TV. It's 40 minutes of me time that is easy to justify because I use it for exercise :)

  5. Yes, the ads are perfect for getting things done. And it feels like only yesterday we were all wearing 501s!!


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