Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 1733 - Sunday

Things to do today

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  1. Say goodbye to lovely friend and kids who came for overnight visit
  2. Take Tahlia to modelling gig
  3. Make toasted sandwiches for lunch
  4. Talk to bestie on Facebook
  5. Find some inspirational quotes online
  6. Send Tahlia off to the movies
  7. Take Darby to birthday party
  8. Remind myself to do NO HOUSEWORK TODAY
  9. Give Husband a high 5 in passing as he heads for his afternoon nap
  10. Lie on couch in PJs and Uggies
  11. Watch DVD box set of the Closer
  12. Snooze
  13. Heat up left overs for dinner
  14. Watch The Voice with the kids
  15. Pop champagne cork
  16. Repeat number 10
  17. Repeat number 11
  18. Repeat number 12

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