Monday, July 7, 2014

Day 1734 - Fashion blogging

How to look a million hundred bucks.

Finding my inner fashionista 
As you know I am a scrooge. I love a good bargain and I don't care too much about labels.  If I find a label on super sale, I will buy it (oh yes I will), but even though I occasionally wear Tommy, Calvin, Georgio ... I am equally happy to wear KMart, Cross Roads or Target.  Clothes are clothes! I wonder if when I get ridiculously rich I'll change?  Dunno.  But for now you get the bargain basement mummy fashionista.  How to look a million hundred $162 bucks.

  • Target jeans $10 (autumn 2014)
  • Kmart long sleeved t-shirt $8 (winter 2013)
  • Supre cardigan $15 (autumn 2014)
  • Sportsgirl scarf (gift from daughter 2013)
  • Target boots $49 (autumn 2014)
  • Hat (hand-me-down from mother in law)
  • Sash & Belle Shea Tote $54.95 (currently on sale for $40.00) 
  • Costco coat $40 (winter 2012) 
  • Red lipstick (priceless) 
Yeah, I know, it's not overly colourful.  But hey, it's winter, and it's in keeping with my mood.  

The kids and I are off to Cooma now (as if we weren't cold enough in Canberra already) to take Nanna to lunch.  What a great way to spend a school holiday Monday.  

Have a good one guys! 


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