Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Day 1735 - Far away friends

Anyone else got long distance friends?

Cathy and I in Times Square, New York 2013
When I was 19 I met a 17 year old girl from the USA who was travelling in Australia.  We spent a week together and had an instant connection. So much so that at the age of 21 I packed up my things and went to the USA to live with her and her family for almost 6 months. We have been best friends ever since.  It doesn't matter that she lives in Pennsylvania on the other side of the world; the distance simply made the friendship stronger. 

Gone are the days when we used to ring each other in the middle of the night and post long hand-written letters, photos and home videos on VHS tape that wouldn't work in a foreign land.  Gone are the days where we would email back and forth for an "almost" instant connection.  We are now real time friends thanks to Skype and Facebook. 

We are also real time friends thanks to air travel. I may not be paying off the mortgage but at least I get to see my bestie from time to time.  

We've known each other 25 years this month.  That's more than half our lives.  A quarter century! In that time we have only seen each other in real life 11 times.  But somehow it works.  

We've shared births, death and marriage.  Illness, celebration, heartache and milestones.  We've gone through it all together and will continue to do so for a very long time.  We are cheerleaders for each other, shoulders to cry on, we kick each other up the arse and we listen to each other vent.  It just works. Somehow it just does.

Card that Cathy sent me recently
She sent me this card recently. It's from the Taylor Swift collection.  I think it sums us up perfectly.

I like this tree.
At first I thought it looked lonely.
But it's probably not lonely, it's probably just independent.
Then I thought that it probably has a best friend tree - and just because you can't see the best friend tree in the picture doesn't mean it's not there.
'Cause in the end, best friends are always there.

Do you have a best friend tree that you can't always see?

Happy anniversary Cathy.

This post is written on the day that Cathy's own niece is going on her own overseas adventure from Pennsylvania to Great Britain 25 years after her aunt.  Cathy's trip as a 17 year old and the friendship we formed is a great legacy for both our families. 


  1. I lived in the US for 11 years and have lots of great friends over there. We keep in touch mostly through FB. I also have a BFF in Canberra. That's the only problem with having a fear of flying and no money - you don't get to see your besties very much :( Still, I'm grateful for the internets that make it easier to keep in touch! x Aroha

  2. Wow that is a lovely story, my longest distance bestie is in NZ and that's not really too far. But it's been FAR too long since I've seen her x

  3. What a beautiful post to share on best friends - funnily enough I was just thinking about best friends today and what they mean in today's context. Love that card xx Josefa #teamIBOT

  4. What a lovely post and beautiful tribute to your friendship. I have quite a few close friends living overseas. Thank goodness for skype, email and FB :)

  5. This is a gorgeous post about your friendship. How awesome that it has lasted the test of time and distance. Technology is great when it comes to keeping in touch with friends :)

  6. I've never ever had a friend like this, and reading this, it makes me sad I've missed out. There's still time I guess.
    You're very blessed

  7. Reading your story I immediately felt sad. I've never had that strong bond with friendships.

    I don't have to say cherish it ... because it clearly obvious you already do.

    Thanks for sharing


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