Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 1736 - Wordless Wednesday

If you were left ALL ALONE in the house for a few days, what would you get up to?
Derek and the kids waving goodbye
Look at the reflection of the clouds in the car. Freaky! 
On this almost Wordless Wednesday I give you "Leanne on her own".  The sad thing is it's really no different in pictures than my normal week.   The only difference is silence. The good news is I get the TV, couch, kitchen and bed all to myself.  The bad news is I slept with my bedroom door locked, the phone in my hand and most of the lights on because I was freaking out being on my own.

Heading off for a meeting
Doing that whole "fashion blogger" thing again.

Driving and taking a selfie (is that legal)?
Was stopped at a traffic light ... honestly

Planning my time


Watching MY shows - True Tori
Chatting to customers

Trying to get the damn washing dry

A meal made for ME. Chicken, roasted pumpkin, broccoli on a bed of cauliflower mash.

Turning my "to-dos" into "ta-dahs" 

Got the couch and the teddy bear doona all to myself


  1. I love having the remote and couch to myself - with no one interrupting right in the important parts of shows!

  2. The peace and quiet would be AMAHZING!! You forgot the long soak with a wine by candlelight with soothing background music. The ONE time I was home alone when my hubby took the kids away - I did that. HEAVEN ... until my neighbour decides to knock on the door!!! ;-)

  3. Ahh the peace of the house to yourself. The thing I love is being able to shower without anyone coming in and asking for something.

  4. How nice a bit of peace and quiet! Hope you enjoyed yourself!

  5. How lovely to stay by yourself. Hope you got over your fears.

  6. Gosh what a gorgeous woman you are! And yeah right, eg selfie in car. How did you take the one when you're at your desk! I'm jealous, what I'd do for just ONE DAY by myself....

  7. I'm scared alone too - I keep my bedroom door locked, the phone in close and most of the lights and radio on too.


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