Friday, July 11, 2014

Day 1738 - On the road

Let's take this show on the road

How many dolls can I take?
Mum and I are taking Cheer Chick Charlie on the road this weekend to the Aussie Gold Cheerleading Championships on the Gold Coast. I could think of worse places to go.  It's amazing how much stock you can fit in two suitcases .... and how many clothes you can fit in a carry on.

Sorting through promotional signage

Suitcases full of Charlie gear

Our plane awaits in the cold Canberra dawn

Hanging at Sydney airport awaiting our next flight

Did I say on the road? I should have said "in the air".  On the road would be easier from a packing point of view. In the air means I had to be really careful and strategic about what stock to take to get best bang for our buck.

Usually when we travel we come home heavier than we departed (in more ways than one). This is the one trip that I expect to come home lighter than we went. I would sure hope so anyway ...

Anyone else lighten their loads during travel? 


  1. All the best with your road trip {air trip} with Cheer Chick Charlie - where did you end up taking her?
    Gosh you and your Mum could pass as sisters :)

  2. Haha! Someone else said that about us while we were on this trip Lisa :) We were on the Gold Coast at the Aussie Gold Cheerleading Championships, Was fun!


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