Friday, July 18, 2014

Day 1745 - A tourist for a day #fun

Our touristy trip to Sydney

Being a Deep Fried tourist at Darling Harbour (outside the Imax Theatre)
The kids and I decided to go on a bit of a tourist trip of Sydney yesterday.  We often have to go there for family events, doctors appointments and to see shows, but rarely do we put our tourist hats one.  So yesterday we got VERY travelly and caught the train from Goulburn to Central, wandered around Haymarket, walked through Darling Harbour, saw a 3D Imax movie on Great White Sharks, wandered through the Queen Victoria Building, walked along Pitt Street Mall and then headed up Sydney Tower to look at the city from above.  It was a beautiful day for wandering and the best part was we could all get some shut-eye on the train trip home.  The trip was reasonably priced all things considered - train fare from Goulburn for all three of us return was only $17, the Imax was $53 and the tower was $56.

The world's largest Imax Theatre

Wearing or 3D glasses

Wandering around darling Harbour

A walk through the Queen Victoria Building

Getting ready to go up the tower

Looking at Sydney from above

Looking at Sydney from above

Looking at Sydney from above

Looking at Sydney from above

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  1. Go you! I love that! How long does the train take? We often do day trips out to places purely to see what's there...


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