Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Day 1749 - Disney Party #DisneyPartyAU

It's time to get your party ears on!

There's always something to celebrate.  Whether it's a birthday, a milestone, a friendship, an achievement or just the fact that the sun is shining and the birds are singing (Snow White style). Disney is just one BIG continuous celebration.  A celebration of imagination, wonder, hope, dreams and kidnom. So it's only fitting that Disney Australia wants to help us all get our Disney party ears on.

I remember in the lead up to Tahlia's first birthday party I was tearing my hair out wondering what type of cake to make for my little princess.  We'd recently been to Disney World in Florida where we'd bought her a Minnie Mouse outfit so I figured that Minnie would be a fitting theme for her party extravaganza.  Man, I could have used a Minnie Mouse cake template back then! As it was Mum and I managed to craft Minnie's face into a cake which, while not cookbook worthy, was at least recognisable.  Can you find the cake in there among all the Disney toys?

Almost 15 years on and Disney has just released their "Kids Party Cakes" book to help us all get our Minnie on.  As well as our Mickey, Monsters, Frozen, Lion King, Toy Story ... and so much more.

The book was released yesterday and you can download your copy from www.magshop.com.au/Disneyparty.

Last Friday I was very excited to receive this box from the Disney Australia peeps.  Inside a world of Frozen wonder awaited me in the form of pin wheels, party invitations, cake pops, bunting and the Disney party cakes cookbook.  Plus a challenge to get my Minnie Mouse ears on and start baking.

Now you all know I'm no cook. Well, I ain't no baker either.  I would have headed for my nearest pack of Betty Crocker if my now-grown-up baby girl hadn't stepped in to wear the apron.

Tahlia Jane doing what she does so well - baking cakes

Can I just say what a fitting apron this is!  It was handmade by the very talented Sew Thea. You should get one!  

Sorry ... off on tangents .... let's get back to baking. 

My kids love the movie Frozen.  I am very much looking forward to throwing a Frozen themed party in the not-too-distant future.  The special Disney box was full of Frozen party gear fit for a Disney princess. It included some ready made cake pops which I am very grateful for because cakes are one thing ... but putting cakes on a stick is completely out of my realm of creativity. It also included pin wheels, invitations, signage and bunting. You can learn how to make all this stuff yourself by heading over to the FREE Disney party printables section of the Disney Australia website.

A Frozen themed birthday party

How cool is that!

However the Minnie Mouse ears kept jumping out at me, and given Tahlia's first birthday was a Minnie Mouse theme, I thought that perhaps she could recreate it with the new party book.

And she did!

Minnie Mouse ears cupcakes
Try and ignore the very prominent Cadbury product placement

So on Sunday we had a party for no reason at all.

Actually, there was a reason ...Chelsea and Lola came to visit so we had lunch and party cakes in celebration of their return to the ACT.

A lunch time celebration

Lola isn't loving the ears as much as her Aunty Tahlia

Minnie Mouse cupcakes and Mickey Mouse cookies.
You can even buy a Minnie Mouse tea towel!
PS the cookies came in the box - but I'm sure Tahlia will master them with the help of the new cookbook

Plus we thought we'd just celebrate the magic of Disney! Because after all, Disney celebrates the magic every single day.

Have you had a Disney themed party recently?

Who's your Disney favourite?

Do you bake?

Who the hell invented cake pops?

Next time you have a Disney party be sure to tag your Disney party pictures with #DisneyPartyAU to share the Disney party love!


  1. That is so cute!!!
    I just went to a Frozen party and it was soooooo amazing. My parties are crap, but I'm ok with that...I keep trying tp pressure the kids to go somewhere instead...

  2. Im not much of a baker, Betty Crocker all the way for me too! But I did manage a batch of chocolate chip cookies from scratch on the weekend so was pretty proud of that.
    Your box of goodies looks awesome, can wait to see the party theme you create :)

  3. Nice to see Tahlia up and about, I hope she's well and truly on the mend. LOVE all things Disney!

  4. Oh my God, Leanne! If that box arrived at our house we all would have gone into a frenzy. Massive Frozen fans here, massive Minnie fans. I seriously need to get my hands on that new Disney cake book. STAT! I love that you had an impromptu party. Tahlia is so cute with her ears on and those cakes look fab. Visiting via #teamIBOT

  5. OMG this is the best piece of news I've heard all day. So very excited. Now if only this arrived about 3 months ago. xx

  6. I need that Disney Cook book! I love party cakes. That's the one thing I really put effort into when party planning.

  7. I can imagine this book would be very helpful in the next few months for me (or my husband, who does the actual cake baking and decorating).

  8. We are about to have a Mickey themed party for my son's birthday. Also Bakerella (bakerella.com) invented cake pops :)


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