Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 1750 - Wordless Wednesday

But first, let me take a selfie ....

Taking silly selfies while on the phone to sales people.  It happens ....

Taking selfies while I wait at the traffic lights also happens.

And matching my tea cup with my outfit still happens.

On a daily basis.

Who needs words when you can take selfies?

Happy Wordless Wednesday! 


  1. LOL great pics Leanne! Your hair looks beautiful out - you should always wear it that way! I have hair envy - I can't grow it past my shoulders. Very clever, matching your cups to your outfits! -Aroha

  2. You take super selfies Leanne.
    I cannot take a decent one.

  3. I'm a selfie addict, I'm sure people think I'm in love with myself... LOVE your red handbag x

  4. If only the telephone sales people could have seen your face - LOL

  5. Ha ha great photos. Not a selfie addict in my house but still I love yours.

  6. Sales people do bring on all sorts of face contortions lol
    I really should embrace the selfie.


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