Friday, July 25, 2014

Day 1752 - Kids and blood noses

Do you have bleeding noses in your house?

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Both my kids get blood noses. I did too as a child.  But our Darby, he gets them A LOT! For the last week he has pretty much had one every night in the wee small hours. Plus he's suffering from daily headaches. I haven't started to panic just yet, but we are making some changes to see if we can fix things before we go racing off to the doc.

Apparently a combination of blood noses and headaches in children can be caused by allergies and/or dry mucous membranes.

Darby has a dust allergy which is definitely irritated in winter because of the ducted heating.  All of his bedding had to be switched to synthetics (dust mites love natural fibres far too much) and has to be washed in very hot water to minimise the occurrence of dust mites.  Plus we now have an air purifier in the house to try and get some better air quality.

Winters in Canberra can be very dry and combined with artificial heat pumping through the house we're all feeling a bit "sensitive" to the dryness.  My skin is constantly itchy and dry, and my sinus' are niggling.  So I can imagine Darby's must be feeling the same.

Add to that that Darby has rather large tonsils and adenoids, as well as a small nasal cavity, which makes breathing a bit more difficult and the effects of the allergy and dryness more prominent. He's booked in for tonsil/adenoid surgery.

So our plan of attack right now is to:

  • Wash his sheets in very hot water
  • Hang his blankets outside to air them (perhaps I should also beat them with a stick like you see in those old movies?)
  • Give his room a massive clean to delouse the joint
  • Put the air purifier back in his bedroom
  • Get him to squirt "Fess" into his nose morning and night to keep it moist
  • Keep tissues next to his bed
  • Call the hospital to see where his tonsil, adenoids and nose surgery is up to (as he's currently on a waiting list).
Constant blood noses aren't overly pleasant.  Middle of the night blood noses are particularly frustrating fascinating.  For the bearer of the blood .... and the parent handing out the tissues. It's having a serious impact on our beauty sleep ... his and mine. 

Do you have blood noses in your house?

Do you know the cause?

Got any remedies?


  1. I used to as a kid, but my kids don't. I didn't even realise until I read this.
    Sometimes you don't miss what's not there....

  2. Bell has a blood nose every now and then, and my mum suffered from them as well. I hope you get to the bottom of Darby's, for all your sakes Leanne x


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