Saturday, July 26, 2014

Day 1753 - It will be a good day

Every day there is a decision to make ...

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... will it be a good day or a bad day? Because the bottom line is, we determine the answer to that right from the start.  If we go into the day with a good day in mind, the niggles, challenges and fluff that may otherwise floor us, seem less significant when in a "good day" mentality. I have woken up with fibro pain, headache and fatigue.  I have a decision to make. Will I give in to it and let the "bad day" mindset creep in? Or will I rise above it and sparkle under a blue sky day? I'm filming for Cheer Chick Charlie today with delightful children and a great side-kick.  Their energy will surpass my niggles.  I can either bring them down or let them raise me up.  I choose the latter! Today is going to be a GREAT DAY!

What will you choose? 

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