Monday, July 28, 2014

Day 1755 - Binny the Farm Dog

Say hello to Binny

Binny belongs to Nanny and Pop and he'll be living with us for a few weeks while the folks are off on a grey nomad adventure. I have spoken about Binny many times before.  He was the "Brokeback Mountain Gay Cowboy Lover" of the late great Maxwell TP the First. Our very blonde Lab and this wiry Kelpie were very much in love and didn't mind public displays of affection. It was disturbing and somewhat endearing all at the same time.

Binny is a farm dog.  He is a cowboy.  He knows how to herd animals and he loves to ride on the back of a ute.

He does not like being a town dog ... let alone a suburban dog ... let alone a suburban dog in Australia's capital city.  However he is now so old and so deaf that the previous neighbourhood noises that would distress him are no longer appearing on his radar.

He is confused that his mate Max is not here to welcome him at his temporary home. Dogs don't seem to understand death. But we are giving him enough pats and attention that he is feeling quite relaxed and welcomed.  It is possible that he hasn't yet realised that Nanny and Pop have left him behind as they start their big caravaning adventure.  For now he seems at peace.

I am looking forward to taking him for walks. I miss my doggy outings.

Let's just hope that Binny can handle the suburban scenery.  It's not quite the rolling hills, expansive paddocks and natural wonders he is used to.  But it will have to do.

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  1. I'm sure Binny will get use to suburbian life with the help of a big juicy bone and lots of pats :) I love dog sitting and it's great for Lexi to have a buddy to play with too


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