Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 1756 - Bloggers helping Bloggers

Fellow blogger to the rescue

Check out Trish's blog
There's something you don't know.  There's a whole lot been going on in Langdown-Land over and above the stuff I've been writing about.  You all know that Tahlia went through her journey with pectus excavatum resulting in fairly major surgery with a steel bar now implanted in her chest*.  You may or may not know that my father-in-law has been fighting his battle with prostrate cancer (in which he's doing really well). You know that my beautiful aunt died a few months ago after her fight with lung cancer.  It's already been a challenging year. What you don't know is that someone else very close to home is also now in battle with her health.  A big battle.  She is also waging war on the Big C.

The reason I haven't written about this is because it's not my story to tell.  It's her story.  And we will tell it, when we are ready. When she is ready. But right now we are in the midst of getting our head around it and helping her and her family get through it.

What I do want to tell you right now though is that there is a lot of power in this bloggosphere of ours.  This on-line world has far surpassed my expectations when it comes to people reaching out and helping each other across the inter-webs.

When our someone was first diagnosed with sarcoma I mentioned it in a brief comment to the beautiful (and oh so brave) Trish from My Little Drummer Boys.  Within the hour I had an email from Trish reaching out to chat about the diagnosis.  Trish who hosts Wordless Wednesday. Trish who I have never met. Trish who has fought breast cancer and who is now battling her own sarcoma diagnosis.  She emailed me and said "what can I do to help".

So we started an email chat.

We know next to nothing about sarcoma.  This cancer is a new one for us.  But Trish knows all about it; because she's living it.

What Trish did was to not just give us advice on what we could be doing.  But she gave us VALUABLE advice. Real information, support, phone numbers and solid guidance.  Tried and tested.  Concrete.

Trish gave us knowledge.

And knowledge is power.

Without Trish I personally would have been flailing.  I mean, the person involved has managed to get through and get things going largely on her own. But as people who are so close to the patient, we need to know that they're headed in the right direction and that they're safe. The knowledge Trish has given us has allowed us to stop wondering and to start knowing.  It allowed us to ensure our precious someone is getting the best doctors and the best treatment available in Australia.

And for that I am grateful.

Have you been saved by an on-line friend?

Have you meet Trish? 

Trish does not know I have written this nor that I've stolen her bloggy banner.  I hope she doesn't mind!

*Tahlia's recovery continues to go well with measurable progress every week.  We are back to having a happy and mostly healthy teen in our midst.

** Our "someone" is in great spirits and is currently awaiting radiation therapy to begin.  She has lots of family and friends rallying around her.

*** This post has been edited from the original post to remove the name of our "someone". It's still too early to share, 


  1. I have passed on her blog to a number of friends going thru it, as I think her honesty is helpful for people to understand what lies ahead or how to help and understand their loved one.
    I am sorry you are having to go through all this. I think that is the worst thing about aging, that people in your life start to get sick. You want to help or 'fix' it, and there's not really anything you can do. So blogs like Trish's are helpful in that - in how to help, what to ask, what to think about...

  2. And good luck to you all. Here's to a full recovery and not to ill along the way...

  3. Sorry to hear the bad news but glad to know Trish brought you some glimmer and hope in this darkness. Been reading her blog for a few years. She is such a fighter and strong woman.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. How awesome is Trish! I'm so sorry to hear about C's diagnosis, that really sucks hard. I am so over cancer and it plaguing the people that I love and that others love. I hope C's treatments go well and she is fighting fit again in no time. xxx

  5. Thank you for your kind words. A lot of people have helped me on my journey.It is nice to know I can pass it on, though I wish I never had to.
    I wish C the very best treatment.

  6. That's so wonderful. But so awful for your close someone and for Trish. This webby community really can be such a great place.

  7. I haven't met Trish, but it doesn't surprise me that she would be so generous and out-reaching. Not in the slightest. And I know that if you hear of someone down the track going through this, or pectus excavatum I am sure you would be just like Trish. I (heart) the bloggy world! x

  8. Trish is one of lifes most truly beautiful people! I have a love/hate relationship with her journey, I both dread and look forward to reading them as I feel I am by her side as she battles. This is a wonderful community we are part of, I have had so many bloggers reach out before. Good luck with your own journey, I'm so glad there was someone to reach out xx

  9. I am constantly amazed by the generosity of the women online that I chat with. What has started off as a virtual relationship, purely blogging business, has often become a much more meaningful, chatty friendship. Like you, I am so grateful to these many women and their ability to so quickly and easily offer a hand of friendship and kindness.

  10. Trish is truly one of the most amazing and strong women I have ever had the pleasure to not meet in person but interact with online! Her heart is massive as is her fighting spirit. Sorry to hear about all the battles being faced by your loved ones x

  11. Ahh Leanne. So sorry to hear about all that you've been going through and are still going through. The bloggy world is amazing and supportive. I'm so glad you've been able to find the support you need through it. Sending hugs x

  12. Sorry to hear that someone close to you is dealing with the big C right now. The blogosphere really is an awesome place sometimes. I have reached out before when I have been struggling and have been absolutely humbled by the response.


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