Thursday, July 31, 2014

Day 1758 - Fashion Blogging

This is me being all fashion bloggy again. 

I'm not saying I am in 'style' per se, but I am trying to be somewhat fashion conscious as I slip further and further into middle age.  Most of all I am just trying to dress for less; and I'm also trying to update old clothes with new combinations. Here we go:

  • Black jeggings approx $40 from Sydney 2012
  • Tommy Hilfiger boots $72 Macy's sale NYC 2013
  • Costco long sleeve tee $13 bought last weekend
  • Costco puffy vest $35 bought last weekend
  • Skull scarf bought in Hong Kong $3 2013**
  • Colette handbag $55 2012
** I actually bought this scarf for Tahlia. It cost me $3 to buy.  She has moved beyond it now and is all about selling her clothes. So I paid another $3 to buy it from her.  Hang on a minute? I've paid for this scarf twice?! She's a smart one ... me, not so much. 

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  1. Looking good! I can't believe you bought the scarf back off your daughter, she really is a clever one!


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