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Day 1761 - Product Review - Herbal Essences

Got frizzy hair?
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It's no secret that my hair gets frizzy. It just does. I also have fine hair with lots of grey which I dye to keep that Deep Fried look at bay.  The combination of fine, wiry and dyed means my hair gets a bunch of fly-aways in addition to the frizz.  When I start travelling north of Sydney and the humidity mixes in ... look out! It's Monica in the Bahamas all over again.

Around a year ago I discovered Herbal Essences "Smooth Lovin None of Your Frizziness" serum.  It's a leave in oil to help smoothen even the frizziest of frizz.

I was skeptical, because I've used this type of oil before.  They never work.  They say they do, but they don't.

I was surprised to discover that this one does! It even works north of Sydney.  North of the Gold Coast.  North of Brisbane. Hell, it works on the Tropic of Capricorn*.

So when Clairol came to me last week and asked if I'd like to review the Smooth Lovin None of Your Frizziness serum, I said "I LOVE THIS STUFF;  Send it my way".

The trick with this oil (any oil) is less is more. You've got to start slow and add ... because if you start with too much, you'll end up with greasy looking hair.

Pump a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together; then run your hands through your hair being sure to concentrate on the trouble spots.  Do it while your hair is still wet; and then again when your hair is dry after styling. Be careful when you're dealing with the fly-aways on top of your head as this is the area that can look greasy if you use too much.

Some oils can be heavy but this one is lovely and light.  It also smells fantastic with a nice fruity scent reminiscent of a tropical holiday.

It sells at just under $10 for a 75 ml bottle and you can buy it in the supermarket, Priceline or anywhere Herbal Essences is sold.  My bottle lasted me around six months.

The results are fantastic.  I seriously love it.

Team it with Herbal Essences None of your Frizziness shampoo and conditioner for an all round frizz free zone.

*I actually have not been to the Tropic of Capricorn ... but I have been one hour south of the Tropic of Capricorn and it worked there.  Close enough! 

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