Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Day 1764 - Brighten your eyes with lilac eye shadow

Lilac is back!

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I remember when I was a teenager it was all about the purple eye shadow shades with the matching eyeliner and even purple mascara! Oh how my make-up style has changed.  It turns out that lilac is back! It's currently a must have in all the summer make-up collections in our northern hemisphere and I've heard that the lilac shade is a great way to brighten you up.  Make-up guru Billy B (make-up artists to stars like Sharon Stone) suggests that we choose a lilac with a bit of sheen which keeps it from looking chalky.  He suggests we do a sheer wash of the shadow along the top lids then add a thick line of black pencil to really bring out the eyes.  What?! No purple liner?

I look forward to seeing if lilac makes a comeback here in the Aussie summer. Not sure if I'll be using it or not.  Whenever I try to use purples or blues I end up looking like I've been punched in the eye.

Information source: Redbook Magazine August 2014

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