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Day 1766 - Visualisation

The Art of Aging Positively - Part Five

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Do you visualise? Can you see your future clearly and with clarity?  

I visualise a lot.  I see my future with certainty. I did a personality test once that pegged me as a visionary.  So it makes sense then then I have a strong focus on my vision and on my future.  I am a big picture person and as such I don't have a lot of time for the minutiae. I'm too busy seeing the end result to dilly dally with people fiddling and fart arsing around in the every day.  So yeah, I get easily frustrated fascinated when things go slow and one of my most over-used mottos is "a quick game's a good game".  I don't think it's a particularly good motto ... but it is still  one I use often.  I'm trying to fix that.

Regardless of how lost I get in my visionary mindset, there is definitely a lot of benefit in visualisation for those who are keen to achieve their goals. It's an age old art that assists with positive aging.

What is visualisation?

Visualisation is a technique used by successful athletes, politicians, businessmen, actors and a whole bunch of other "go getters" to tie their imagination with their reality.

The mind only knows what we tell it, so if we visualise or imagine our life being a certain way, we can create a sense of knowing that the mind responds to in order to create reality.

I actually use visualisation with my cheerleaders ... even the 5 year olds ... to help them get ready for competition.  I lay them on the floor, I turn on the music, and they imagine themselves dancing perfectly on competition day.  They visualise their ideal performance.  Their mind then responds with confidence and in return directs their body to move the way it needs to move to get those results.

Of course it only works with achievable dreams. Don't imagine yourself jumping off a cliff without your parachute or your special glider wings and expect to be able to fly.  There's a wisdom attached to visualisation.  It does not make you super human.

Visualisation is a great tool for achieving goals.  The best way to visualise is to turbo charge it. So don't just think about things inside the mind, but add sight, sound and emotion.

Here are some tips for well rounded visualisation to help you achieve your goals and turn dreams into reality:

  • Spend 5-10 minutes visualising at least once a day.  Lay down in a state of relaxation and see your results with clarity.  Be specific. See the landscape, the people, the actions, the outcomes and the rewards.  How are you feeling? Who is with you? What can you see?  
  • Write your goals down in a journal and describe the overall end results.  Again, be specific. 
  • Create a vision board or vision book where you cut out pictures, quotes, words etc that are directly associated with your vision and pin them up/paste them in.  If you are dreaming of an overseas trip then cut out pictures of the airline, the location, the hotel and add words like "relaxation", "fun", "I deserve this".   Look at your vision board or vision book daily. Absorb the information and believe in the possibilities. 
  • Consider making a "mind movie".  This is similar to a vision board but rather than pin things up or glue things in, you are putting your pictures into a computerised slide show or video clip. Add music and encouraging quotes or words that are applicable to your vision.  It only needs to be about 90 seconds in length. Watch it daily. 
  • Watch TV shows that are in line with your vision.  If it's a holiday you are after then watch programs about overseas travel. If it's a business you want to get off the ground then watch programs of others who are getting businesses off the ground.
  • Read books, magazines and online information about your dream.  Knowledge is power and by immersing your mind with information you are realising the possibilities and creating your reality. 
  • Believe in the possibilities.  If you don't believe it's possible then it won't be. Know that people achieve their goals and turn their dreams into reality every single day, which means you can too. You may just have to believe a little longer and dream a little harder.
  • Take action. There is no result without action. You can dream and visualise all you like, but if you don't then take the steps necessary to create reality, then the dream will only ever be a dream.  

Why visualise?

What visualisation does is tells the mind it is possible. By visualising the mind sees the end result.   There is an element of certainty that becomes attached to your goals which in turn turns the mind on to recognise the opportunities.  The opportunities are everywhere, but we don't always see them because we haven't programmed ourselves to receive that information.  Visualisation programs the mind to receive the data required to turn dreams into reality.

As we age we become all too aware of the time factors associated with achieving results.  Time is not limitless and our lack of forward movement can start to paralyse and depress us.

Visualisation can help us to make measurable progress in reasonable time.

It can help us age positively.

As for me with my "visionary" mindset.  Well, that's just visualisation on speed.  I need to restrict my visualisation to ten minutes a day, and then spend another ten minutes a day on mindfulness to bring me back to the present time.  But that's a whole other post for another day.

Do you visualise?

Do you have a vision board?

What do you visualise about?


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  1. I love this idea. I don't do it but I think I might try it out. I work with a life coach on achieving some of my goals and I find it very powerful to talk about my goals regularly and how I feel about them. I think a vision board might be next on my agenda. Sounds like you are all over this - very inspiring!

  2. I can't say I do - that could explain a LOT!

  3. I try and visualise and then pray about it. So far I've exceeded what I've visualised. :)

  4. Couldn't agree more with you. I'm a huge fan of visualization. I used it for years for all sorts of reason and highly recommend it as a good way to set out and achieve goals

  5. Does daydreaming about what I want to achieve count?? I'm too lazy/busy to do a vision board but maybe there's something in it? x

  6. I think it's great that you use visualisation - I wrote an article to be published 3-4 years from now about what I've done and I try to read it often to remind me to get cracking. I guess I am torn though by the need to slow down and BE present - the balance between goals and mindfulness/serendipity/contentment. I dislike the glib manifestation 'law of attraction' style affirmations, but love the power of positive thinking grounded in the now of action.

  7. I truly believe in visualisation. I use it when I'm about to embark on a big challenge like a big run or a public speaking stint.
    I also used it when I was single and looking out for a "potential partner".
    Great thing about visualisation and believing in it is that the reality shapes up to being something even better!


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