Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Day 1770 - Don't you hate that

My mouse just fell off the desk and the battery fell out and rolled away ... don't you hate that?

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The kids have been chewing on the rubber around the TV remote controls ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes I hide chocolate in the cupboard for later only to discover someone else knew about the hiding spot all along ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes I set up my office in the car while I wait for kids and I run out of laptop battery right on the last sentence of my client notes ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes when in public I scream really loud in fright at the most ridiculous little things and everyone stares .... don't you hate that?

Sometimes I pee my pants a little bit when I scream really loud in fright ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes I pee my pants a little bit when I laugh ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes I just pee my pants a little bit ... for no reason at all .... hmmm ... REALLY hate that.

Sometimes channel Eleven puts on nostalgic shows like Beverly Hills 90210 only to stop them BEFORE the end of the series to start it again from the beginning .... don't you hate that?

Sometimes it's so cold outside that your fingers literally freeze during the dog walk and they no longer function as fingers nor stylists for your phone and so you miss taking a great shot that would have been so good for Instagram ... don't you hate that?

Sometimes with those same cold fingers a phone call you've been waiting for comes through during your walk and you can't answer it because fingers have turned to clumps of coal .... don't you hate that?

Sometimes you decide to wear gloves on cold walks to fix the cold finger problem but phone doesn't understand gloved fingers any more than it understands ice cold ones ... you've gotta hate that!

Sometimes your daughter is so clever at baking that she does it often and you can't control your cake eating urges and despite all the cold fingered dog walks you put on 5kg ..... don't you hate that?

Sometimes it could be true that the person stealing your hidden chocolate could actually be saving you from adding to the cake weight ...... but we won't admit to that.

Sometimes your dawn typing wakes up other members of the house and they wake up and come and interrupt your "don't you hate that" blogging ... yeah, I hate that.

But I love them too much to continue with my hates so I guess this post is over.


  1. Funny you wrote this- I've started a similar post but only got mid way...must be something to do with hitting midway on the parenting journey...(is it us not them? No, it's them!)

  2. love this :) Im 22 weeks pregnant, so just have to think about a toilet for the pee to appear! My life as I know it has changed forever :)

    Hello from #teamIBOT

  3. This list is great. You know what I hate? When you're reading a blog post and it mentions some corny but awesome TV show like Beverly Hills 90210 and all you want to do is grab your doona and watch the entire box set of the first season in one sitting but you cant because you have other stuff you need to do! LOL.

    Team Brandon!

  4. Yes. I hate the hidden chocolate issue. Hidden food in general. I bought a 4 packof lemon line and bitters - glass bottles, just the right size - only to discover the had been taken. SO irritational! ;)

  5. When the puppy keeps peeing in the kitchen...
    When you crack a rib from coughing so violently...
    When the nasty winter lurgy hangs around for 4 weeks! ...
    When you end up committing to 5 hours of unpaid work on your one day off...
    So many things I hate!

  6. Ha ha yes I hate all of these things, I also hate when cereal spills on the floor,.3 days in a row and when hubby finds my chocolate stash!

  7. YES to the daughter cooking yummy things especially when I am trying not to eat them ...

  8. Oh I seriously hate when they put shows like 90210 on and then don't show the full series. Talk about cruel! I'm trying to think about things that I hate at the moment to add to your list and I can't ... dont you hate that? ;)

  9. HA! Mine for today was going to the toilet only to find you have to take a baby sock out before you pee. Hand in toilet. Don't you hate that? - Peachy Keen Mumma - fellow linker for #IBOT

  10. Love this list.
    I recently discovered that Typo sell those hidden storage books. They are on boring (at least for the kids anyway) stuff like gardening, so your chocolate would be safe in there!


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