Friday, August 15, 2014

Day 1773 - Celebration

Friday is a great day to celebrate the week that was ....

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Do you acknowledge your own achievements? It's important to focus the mind on the good that has come from our lives each and every day, so that the bad stuff doesn't take over and mess with our ability to enjoy life.

Celebration helps to keep us driven and motivated. It lines up those chemicals inside our brains to achieve positive forward movement.

Friday is the perfect time to stop, take stock, adjust our approach (if necessary), celebrate the wins and be ready for a blue sky weekend before starting it all again on Monday.

This week I'm celebrating my new clients, the fact that I'm ready for the charity cheerleading event on Sunday (that I've spent the best part of a month coordinating), that Darby is doing well in tutoring, that Derek has had a great week at work, that we're seeing Chelsea and family regularly and that we have FINALLY decided on which modelling agency Tahlia is going to go with and today we sign the contract.

Sure there's a bunch of bad stuff in there too .... but who wants to focus on that?

Woot! Happy Friday.

What will you be celebrating? 

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  1. Can I just celebrate it being Friday and that I made it through another week of work and am another week closer to holidays??!!


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