Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 1777 - Matchy Matchy

Are you a random rainbow goddess or more of a two tone type of gal?
Scarf, jacket and mug ... yep, even my tea cup matches.
I have to be honest ... As boring as it sounds I think I am more "two tone" (or three or four tone) than rainbow.  I can't do random.  Something has to match with something. I am a bit of a matchy matchy kind of girl. There are parts of my life that show an array of colour (like the pin board above my desk showing all the artwork sent to me by the beautiful Cheer Chick Charlie fans) but for the most part I have to be colour coordinated.  Right down to my mug.

Yes, I try as much as I can to ensure my bra and undies match.

No, you don't get a picture of those.

Until recently I couldn't walk out the door unless my shoes matched my belt and my handbag.  Now I can cope as long as my handbag matches something ... like my nails.

Even the hand cream I have beside my bed matches the doona and cushions.

My books all have matching postcards and wristbands.

My mantel is a fairly beige existence of matchy matchy.

There are parts of my house that have a very mismatched vibe ... like our desks (which really messes with my head and may end up sending me totally insane) ... and our coffee table with all the mismatched frames.

I would love to have some random rainbow in my life.  I think it would be fun. I mean, I am mesmerised when I walk into an eclectic house full of no set theme nor any set colour scheme. I marvel at the energy and the sheer boldness.  But for some reason I just can't live it.

Image Source
I think this room may actually be inside a rainbow
I would like to embrace more random splashes of colour.  I admire those that do.

In theory you would think an abundance of colour would create a spark and awaken some creativity.

But I fear it will just weigh me down, frazzle my brain and make me feel less "ordered".  Too much colour makes my head spin. I am not a rainbow goddess.

Tell me ... are you a rainbow goddess ... or more of a two tone type of gal like me? 

Is it weird my cups match my outfits?

How matchy matchy are you? 


  1. I am totally a random rainbow. I throw together lots of colours (colour blocking before it was a trend) and have handbags galore and jewelery to add more pops of colour. That last room makes me smile big. I am slowly adding more colour to our home decor after conceding for 15 years to matchy matchy for hubby (lots of brown and white!)

  2. Def a rainbow goddess - my favourite compliment was a woman coming up to me at the Opera House (witnessed by a friend as no one would believe it otherwise) and she said "I know you! You're the lady with the kick ass stockings and the skeleton handbag!" and indeed I am!! (the stockings are always lairy and very colourful!)

  3. Neither a Goddess or a Gal - a bit like an unfashionable two tone rainbow

  4. Hi - what a good topic. I am more match-matchy in clothing than I'd like to be. I hate that but I am compelled it seems to be like it. I''ve opened up a bit more with a huge love of colour and more in art but would find it hard to clash patterns... my hub would make it hard for me anyway as he is match match all the way!

  5. Yes, I look at that rainbow room and feel a little frazzled too. I prefer a splash of colour not clown vomit as my interior designer friend would describe that room. You made me laugh as you sound exactly like mum. Everything in her house matches and has a place. She dresses immaculately and is always very coordinated.

  6. I'd love to be a rainbow godess, but I am a two-toned kinda girl. I have dark cushions on a dark couch, though I *am* considering changing them for bright cushions. I'll let you know if I can bring myself to make the switch! Maybe it will be the start of some new colour in my life! x Aroha

  7. I'm a bit matchy matchy. I changed my shirt three times today because I was trying to be more rainbow, but just couldn't do it. And as for the house... Well I feel I'm pretty useless at decorating so it's actually pretty plain.
    And matchy ;)

  8. Great question- I am all of the above, depending on my mood but never as psychedelic as that room! This week some all black has also made a long-gone return via black jeans, boots and a long-sleeve design top. I'd forgotten! #teamIBOT

  9. I'm rainbow all the way! I love lots of colour!

  10. HA!!! Can I laugh, not at you -with you. Mug to outfit is really hilarious. Never thought of that. Have you ever watched the American show What Not to Wear? I think you'd be just as addicted to as me.
    I love rainbow. That picture of the room you posted is dreamy. My best friend made a comment to me once about how she hates when peoples eye make up matches their outfit. haha I had never thought of that either. I think I do that bit. - Peachy Keen Mumma for IBOT


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