Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Day 1778 - Wordless Wednesday

My week in pictures

A Cheer Chick Farewell
The last seven days have included our son-in-law's birthday, a farewell to one of my Cheer Chicks, some serious rock n roll, a fitting for a fashion show, a trip to the library, the ACT Regional Cheerleading competition (which I helped to coordinate), a tonne of Cheer Chick Charlie fans, and a bunch of clients, reports and meetings.

Here are a few snaps taken along the way.

Tahlia's stash of library books

Sharing the Cheer Chick Charlie love at the Regional Cheerleading Competition
Darby learning the electric guitar

Another great week in the land of Deep Fried Fruit.

How was your week in pictures? 


  1. Thanks for sharing snaps of your week.
    I've been thinking of you.

    Boy oh Boy - you must be Mother of the year letting Darby have an electric guitar.

  2. Looks like a fun week - any book you can recommend?

  3. Opposites with the kids, one with quiet reading and the other, noise! haha
    Cheer chick looks like its going well xx


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