Saturday, August 23, 2014

Day 1781 - National Gallery of Australia

Today I had a date with Tahlia ... and Bob

Tahlia has an art assignment due where she has to compare and contrast realism and surrealism.  For the realism component she has chosen to concentrate on "Bob" by Chuck Close which just happens to be hanging at the National Gallery of Australia.  So what better excuse for a mother-daughter lunch date, than to head to the Gallery for a quick stroll through the artwork and to have lunch.

Absolutely demolished the spinach and fetta roll and salad #yum

Wandering around outside the National Gallery of Australia

"Bob" by Chuck Close - yes, this is a painting. 

It was well worth the visit. The food was sensational, the company was divine and the painting was extraordinary.  Standing over 3 metres tall you could see every hair follicle, every pore and every blemish. Even standing a couple of inches away from this masterpiece it was hard to see that it was indeed a painting and not a photo.  Amazing!

Note: No photography allowed inside the gallery.  "Bob" (above) was borrowed from the NGA official website. 

When was the last time you wandered through a gallery? 

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