Friday, August 29, 2014

Day 1787 - Deep Fried Brain

Today I have a Deep Fried brain

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I can't believe I googled Deep Fried Brain and got a result. This is a deep fried pork brain.  YUK!  But to be honest, it's kind of how I'm feeling right now so if the pic fits ... then let's roll with it.

I am mush because my thoughts are heavy with things over and above the "to dos".

We have a lot to think about in our house right now.  Stuff that is weighing us down.

Don't get me wrong, the skies are still blue.  This is not a case of "woe is me" (or "woe is us") but rather a very real state of stress and the feeling of too many things of ... of ... well ... concern.

So it is with a great deal of effort I am having to wade through the daily actions one baby step at a time.  Turning to-dos into ta-dahs isn't so easy when the mind is filled with worry. But life goes on.

Things still need to be done.

And they will be.

Things are just slower and a bit more Deep Fried than normal.

So I am going to quit while I'm ahead behind and spend the day being Nanny Lea instead.

Yep, baby Lola is going to be in the house today! And I am going to rejoice in her beauty and babyness. Not an ounce of Deep Fried to be seen with this little ray of sunshine.

Happy Friday everyone! 

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