Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 1789 - ACT State Cheerleading Championships

It's a cheerific kind of day

Our Good Shepherd Scholastic Team - Titanium- First place!
Photo courtesy of Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation
It was an early start today with Good Shepherd cheerleading competing at the ACT State Cheerleading Championships at the Australian Institute of Sport.  This is our BIGGEST comp in the ACT and quite a daunting experience for our youngest cheerleaders.  They performed beautifully and we can now say that we are State Champions (again).  Three firsts, some seconds, thirds and fourths.  I honestly can't remember the results exactly, but I can remember their spirit and it was AWESOME as always.  Goooooo Good Shepherd! Woot.

Now can someone please find me a glass of champagne ...

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