Saturday, September 6, 2014

Day 1795 - Fash n Treasure #Canberra

Need clothes at an affordable price?

Try the Canberra Fash n Treasure markets.  

Today Tahlia and I had a girlie morning at Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) for our first ever visit to the clothing markets.

What is Fash n Treasure?

To quote their website, "Fash n Treasure brings together local wardrobes, fashion designers, fashion shops, milliners and stylists".  It costs $3 to enter and then you're in a wonderland of wall to wall wardrobe treasures.

Why did we go? 

Ever since the Chari-tea event two weeks ago, I had really been wanting to check out the range at Gwinnie's Emporium and I knew she'd be there.  I adore her clothes. While it's not normally a style you would see me wear, there is something that really attracts me to the simplicity, colour and vintage charm.

Gwynnie's Emporium at Fash n Treasure Markets

A delightful array of colour and patterns at Gwynnie's Emporium

Another draw card was that Kristy was selling her left over winter and autumn stock of Sash & Belle handbags at super duper discounted prices, so supporting her was another kick up the bum I needed to take a wander through this fashion treasures market place.

The winter clearance for Sash & Belle

Such a gorgeous selection of Sash & Belle handbags at heavily discounted prices

What did we buy? 

After complaining about my weight and the fact that I had to wiggle, wiggle and wiggle some more into my Gwinnie's dress, I was delighted to discover there were cupcakes to ensure I still had something to complain about again tomorrow.

Great cupcakes by this gorgeous young lady - Cupcakes by Jade

Tahlia and I both chose the peanut butter chocolate cupcake (blue stripes far left) ... #yum

I didn't get my dress in the end - not because I didn't find what I was after, but because "Gwynnie" (aka Chastina) has offered to source it in another colour for me.

I'll be getting this dress but in plainer colours (no print) 

While I was there I got to marvel with pride at the Sash & Belle price tags and signage with Tahlia splashed all over them.

Tahlia has been tagged!

The girl on that sign looks so familiar
Tahlia had fun. Not only did she get to see herself tagged on every bag, she also found a bunch of stuff to buy including a retro Adidas jacket, two bandannas and a denim bucket hat for a total of $30. After that successful haul, she has declared she'll be coming back to the markets again next month.

Tahlia's haul

As for me, I went home empty handed.

The diet starts tomorrow Monday.

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