Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 1803 - Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector Product Review

As soon as you say "regenerist" I'm there!

The lovely PR people for Olay contacted me a couple of months ago to see if I might be interested in testing out the Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector cream.  You know I'm already a fan of Olay long before the PR people knew me.  My appreciation for Olay just grows with every new product they put on the market.  Especially those in the Regenerist range (for Deep Fried peeps like me).

First of all, when the CC cream arrived I was impressed with its size.  The pump bottle stands around 15cm tall and about 3cm wide and holds 50ml of product.

Secondly I love the way they have separated the foundation and the moisturiser inside the bottle for a really cool visual affect.  They spiral around each other to create a striped look that reminds me of some sort of fancy mousse-like dessert.  The products blend together as they come out of the pump magically so that you never would have thought they'd been separated in the first place.

Thirdly, I love the way this product feels on my face. So light. So fresh.

The only sad part about this product is that I requested it in a shade that is too dark for my winter skin.  I went with the medium tint and as you can see in my photo below, that's a bit too dark. So I haven't been able to use it for a long period to really test the formula. I am looking forward to being able to use this regularly in the summer months when my skin has a bit of a darker hue.

This foundation is too dark! LOL. I look I've got face paint. Looking forward to using this in summer.

So what is a Complexion Corrector?

The Olay Regenerist Complexion Corrector is the first CC Cream to blend three formulas to help correct skin tone over time.

(1) Sheer foundation: which includes ultra-fine aqua pigments to correct tone and texture without leaving your face feeling greasy.

(2) Anti-ageing serum: which is a blend of bioactive ingredients proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles

(3) SPF 15 moisturiser: to hydrate ad plump skin cells and reduce the look of uneven texture and dark spots.

So as you can see it's a pretty cool formula.  One I'd really like to have a crack at!

You can buy Olay Regenerist CC Cream from anywhere that stocks the Olay range.  Priceline currently have it at 20% off so you can pick it up for around $42.00 (normally priced at just over $50).

Update (7 November 2014):  After sending this post to Olay they took pity on me and sent me the right colour! Yay.  I am now using Olay Regenerist CC Cream as a foundation (on the days I'm not needing a full foundation); a moisturiser and as a sun screen. Loving it! The right colour makes a hell of a difference.

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