Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Day 1806 - Never say goodbye

Something to think about  ...

My bestie lives in the USA.  We don't get to see each other very much, but we're always there.  Just a phone call, Skype chat, Facebook PM or email away from each other.  When we do see each other we cry a lot when it's time to go. But one thing we've learned .... it's better not to say goodbye. Instead we just say "see ya later".

Why am I writing this today?  No reason, other than it just felt right. 


  1. That would be hard to have a bestie living so far away! Isn't it fab though that we have the technology of today to keep in touch so easily. When I think back to even just when I was a teenager - it was letters (snail mail) or very expensive o/s phone calls! I agree that see ya later is much better than goodbye! ;-)

  2. I love technology for these reasons!!
    I haven't seen my bestie for years but we talk regularly.
    Love this quote.

  3. I have an dear Irish friend and they never say goodbye, they say good luck when they part, for probably the same reason! x

  4. Isnt technology great. We in this time of the world are so lucky as the world has been made smaller.

  5. So glad I read your post before I walked out the door for my interview...Made me smile. Thanks bestie. Chat later!

  6. So great that you have stayed so close even though she live on the other side of the world.
    That saying is kinda sad. See ya later sounds much better xx

  7. I love that quote and I'm going to use it more often - see ya later @!

    (An old lady in WA we met in a PARK said that to my son then 5yrs old. He said wait you didn't give us your phone number)

    Thanks for linking up !


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