Saturday, September 27, 2014

Day 1816 - Grateful Saturday

Today I would like to reflect on the week that was.

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There are a lot of things going on in our lives right now.  So many things that could break a person.  It's during these times more than ever that gratitude is essential.

This week I am grateful for:

  • Our home: While it feels smaller and smaller as the kids get bigger and bigger I know it is a beautiful home with much light, air, warmth and space.  
  • Our friends:  Sometimes a friend will invite you for a walk at the exact time you need exercise, fresh air and an ear to chew.  
  • Our medical system: While there is so much to complain about when it comes to our health system with the huge waiting lists and over worked staff, there is also so much to be grateful for. Especially as we accompany Chelsea to the brand new Canberra Cancer Centre for her sarcoma treatment.  As far as treatment is concerned, it really is the best environment possible for such a lousy diagnosis. 
  • The end to radiation:  Chelsea had her last round of radiation yesterday. While it was a "double dose" which probably completely exhausted her, she has now finished four weeks of daily radiation which is a HUGE relief and a great big milestone.  
  • Frequent Flyer points:  As Chelsea has a month to rest and get ready for surgery, we are able to feel safe in the knowledge that we can fly to Queensland at any point to be by her side. 
  • Intelligence: The Australian Government is on heightened alert right now to home grown terrorists and possible threats to Canberra.  That's incredibly scary stuff but we feel thankful that we have systems in place that are managing to keep us one step ahead and that Derek's workplace is allowing more work from home opportunities. 
  • Birthdays:  Having Tahlia celebrate her birthday is giving us something else to be super happy and excited about.  Watching her celebrate with such lovely and caring friends is heart warming.
  • School concerts: Watching Darby on stage actually ENJOY himself dancing on Thursday night was a wondrous thing.  Seeing him do a very fancy (and somewhat un-Catholic) Michael Jackson spin-hip-thrust-crotch- grab both floored me and delighted me.  He nailed it!! Not sure it was an "approved move" but hell ... who knew that boy could dance? 
  • Website dudes:  We have found a fantastic young guy who is working on my Cheer Chick Charlie website at a very affordable price.  I am very happy to have found him as he is doing great work with great vision and very little guidance needed.  
  • Babies: Having a grand-baby is such a delight.  As Chelsea goes on her current journey to wellness baby Lola is giving everyone much pleasure.  Having her in town is the up-side to this ridiculously unfair ride. There is no woe-is-me with Chelsea. She is powering on with a "can do" attitude which may just be in large part because of this munchkin by her side every step of the way.  

I am also grateful right now for having a big KIA Carnival which I can take 6 teen girls on a trip to the coast to our little beach cottage for a birthday night away.  

With that said, I'd better get packing.

What are you grateful for today? 

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