Saturday, October 4, 2014

Day 1823 - Happy birthday to me

Today is my birthday!

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I am no longer 40 as my page banner suggests.  I am not 41 (40 with a tail) or 42 (40 with a monkey tail) nor 43 (40 with Minnie Mouse ears) nor 44 (40 in the mirror) ... I am now 45!

That's 40 with a big ol' caboose. 

Eeeeeeeek.  I have a caboose!!! I really do.  Not only have I aged 5 years since my 40th birthday bash but I have also stacked on 5 kgs which is all in the arse and thigh region.  I've decided I might do something about that.  I am into all this aging positively stuff after all.

Look - as far as I'm concerned age is not a number ... but a mindset.  I feel older today. Mainly because I have hay fever and I am tired. And I feel sluggish.  But I am going to fix that.  I will continue on this path of aging positively.  And I won't be 45 ... nor 40 with a caboose ... but rather I will remain 40 "ish".  That mindset thing ... it's all in the "ish". 

Oh ... and let's not forget that today is also my BLOGOVERSARY! Woot!!! Five years of daily blogging.  Half a million page views, loads of give aways, a trip to Disney, lovely bloggy pals, too many secrets, lots of growth and 1823* posts.  Now that's a pretty exciting achievement. 

Happy birthday to meeeeeee, my blog and my caboose

*go on - I dare you to do the math .. it almost works out (let's keep in mind that leap year).

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