Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 1825 - Robyn Lawley

Such a wonderful role model.

Who has seen the cover of the latest Marie Claire magazine?  Australian model Robyn Lawley graces the cover of the November issue in light of her new role as ambassador for Pantene.  Last night's "Sunday Night" program (Channel 7) followed her cover girl shoot to the Greek Island of Mykonos.  During the program Robyn talked about positive body image, her passion for food and how it feels to be regarded as a "plus size" model.  She's a gorgeous and very inspiring lady.

Keep an eye on this blog for all the news on Pantene's new and changed formula range.  I'll be channeling my inner super model ambassador product reviewer and giving you the low down on the new shampoo range including the volume booster dry shampoo and BB creme for hair that Pantene Expert Hairstylist Barney Martin used on Robyn's hair for the Marie Claire shoot.

Three cheers for Robyn Lawley! And three cheer's for Pantene for making her their newest ambassador.

With some help from Pantene (and perhaps some exercise, a healthy eating plan and a trip to the Greek Islands), there might be a little bit of Robyn Lawley in all of us!

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